Fostering Dreams Enrichment Center

In May of 2015, we had an amazing turn of events.  The first year of our existence we were using our home as the base for our operations, storing the supplies, dresses, and decorations we had assembled from our activities.  It was becoming apparent that we were quickly out-growing the available storage space. We began looking for a place we could warehouse everything.  Somewhat on a whim, Mary Alice's sister notified us there was a property being auctioned in Youngstown. We went to the open house and found it was a church property that had been closed about two years earlier.  A non-profit had taken over the property after the church closed but had been unable to garner the support they needed.  The church was a beautiful 4,800 square foot edifice with 44 stained glass windows. As we walked around, we began to envision the possibilites. The hall downstairs could accommodate any activity we would have, the kitchen was immense and well-equipped.  The sanctuary could be easily converted to a "palace" for our Princess-at-Heart Gala. The property offered even more; a 32' X 52' picnic pavilion, and a 4 bedroom brick house, all situated on 1 1/2 acres.


Sound too good to be true? There certainly were major considerations.  In the two years since it's closure, the building sat empty with little maintenance. The church was not heated during the winter, so heating and plumbing pipes had frozen and burst.  Thieves had broken in and stolen much of the copper. There were other concerns too.  However, this property, valued at $300,000 could be purchased for $23,000.  Sweat equity we have, $300,000 to buy a similar property, we would probably never have.  So we put in our bid.  We were not supposed to hear who would be awarded the property for four days.  The owners could choose not to accept any of the bids if they did not approve of the how the building would be used.  A mere hour-and-half later we received a call, awarding the property to Fostering Dreams.  There is a lot of work ahead to achieve the vision we have for the Fostering Dreams Enrichment Center.  We hope you will become a part of the rennovation that brings all the new possibilities to a reality.


WHAT WE NEED:  Volunteers: Electricians, Plumbers, Heating & Cooling Technicians, Excavators, Plasterers, Window repair, tree removal and a bucket truck for trimming branches and gutter repair, roof repair, those willing to clean, paint, and clear overgrowth.


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