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The "Heroes" and "She-roes" Experience


The imagination of a child, what a wondrous world.  What little boy or girl hasn't dreamed of saving the world with some super power.  The children in foster care live in a world where they have rights, but no power.  They are powerless to change their situation, powerless to change the behaviors in their family, and powerless to "fix" the problems that have resulted in their placement.  What a wonderful experience for these children to be a hero, even if it's just for a day, and to perhaps come to the realization they possess the power to be a real-life hero.



Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are "gods", the super-heroes who fight for freedom, justice, and the American Way.  Some are real, everyday heroes that serve and protect.  These children watch movies with Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, and so many others.  They read books about firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMT's, soldiers, sailors, and pilots. No matter what kind of heroes a child idolizes, they find in each the power they themselves dream of possessing as they live vicariously through the feats of  bravery and heroism.



Coming Soon: The Hero Experience


This event will be for boys and girls in foster care.  The initiation of this event has been slowed because of COVID-19 considerations.  For many of the children coming into foster care, there is a very real sense of alienation between them and the authority figures in their community. Because of the events in many of their lives, there can be a level of distrust, and even fear and represent trauma, and anger. This event will utilize fun activities to enable the children to interact with volunteers from the community in a relaxed atmosphere.  The goal is to create a day of  bonding and mentoring. As the children arrive at the venue, they will be guided through various games and activities, enjoying the food provided.   They will meet and visit with "Super Heroes" along the way. Then comes the discovery.  They will find each of volunteers is a local "hero": a firefighter, and soldier, a teacher, a coach, a law enforcement officer. and they will seek to match the person with the profession.  The volunteers will then released to go put on their "hero" uniform. When they return, they are re-introduced. By first meeting the volunteers in relaxed and fun atmosphere, we hope to break down some of the ingrained fears and prejudices they might have because of the experiences in their life.  The heroes talk about their background, training, and duties.  We impress on the boys  and girls that they can do this.  They can serve.  They can protect.  They can be the real-life heroes of tomorrow. 

What We Need...


We need super hero costumes. All sizes.  We need the finances to reserve a venue, purchase the food, prizes, favors, and any of the many costs in providing such an experience.  As each event is scheduled, we will always have a list of our current "wish list" here on the web site.   You are an integral part of all of this.  No matter what we envision, we cannot not serve these children without partners like you.

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