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Princess-At-Heart Gala

In the heart of every girl is the dream of being a princess.  The dream of the Royal Ball, the magic of the moment, the belief in the handsome young prince, and the promise of "happily ever-after."  The realities of life for many of these children is the poison that lays these dreams to rest.  Through the Princess-At-Heart Galas, we want these girls to experience the magic of being that princess, of knowing they are special, and knowing dreams can come true.

"Always believe in your dreams, because if you don't, you'll have no hope."     --Ghandi

What do we do?


The girls report to our event center for the first stage of the event.  When they arrive, they have their hair styled, nails polished, make-up done, and select their Princess dress and shoes.  After their transformation is complete, they are transported via Limo to the site of the event, The Magic Tree, in Boardman.  On arrival, they are greeted by the King and Queen, and escorted to the ballroom.  They are photographed, and then invited to enjoy the food, music, and fun of their royal day.

How do we do it?
Each event takes months of planning.  Everything each girl receives, such as their dress, shoes, and the various favors and gifts, are theirs to keep.  Procuring dresses and shoes is a constant endeavor.  We seek donations of such items through print and social media.  We rely on businesses donating the hall, food, and transportation.  Monetary donations are used to purchase tiaras, wands, accessories, and to pay for any goods or services that have not been donated.  We also rely heavily on area professionals such as hairdressers, cosmetologists, photographers and DJ's  donating their time and skills for the girls.
What do we need?
Dresses: Costume princess dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid, any formal or semi-formal dress from a child's size 2 on up through adult size 30. 
Shoes: Princess shoes, dress shoes, or newly purchased flip flops. (We re-purpose the flip-flops into stunning footwear)
Jewelrey: Every princess must accessorize.
Monetary Donations: Donations are used to purchase royal necessities such as tiaras, wands, rings, bracelets, etc.  We try to purchase decorations and centerpieces that can be used repeatedly.  Finally, your donation is used to purchase any services or products that have not been donated.
You: Your concern, your love, your willingness to help. 
How can you help?
Spread the word: Many are willing to help once they are aware the vision and the need to serve these children.
Contact us: Let us know what you have to offer through with web-site or any of our contact information found on our Home Page.


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